'Easy to Assemble,' Sundance Team Up

Robert Redford’s Sundance Productions is partnering with Illeana Douglas for her web series Easy to Assemble.

“We’ve been doing this for four years and for Sundance to now come on board, it’s a validation for me of what I’ve been doing,” Douglas told The Hollywood Reporter. “All of us out there doing web series, we’ve been hanging on by our fingertips trying to create something that is valid entertainment outside the mainstream.”

“The landscape has really changed in the last four years [since we started] where this is becoming a really acceptable way to have entertainment. It’s exciting,” she added.

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Conversations began when Sundance Production’s Laura Michalchyshyn approached Douglas, who appeared in the 1994 Redford-directed film Quiz Show and whose grandfather, Melvyn Douglas, co-starred with Redford in 1972’s The Candidate. As Douglas recalls, Michalchyshyn (“a fan” of Easy to Assemble) “had been watching the show” and was inquiring whether they had “ever tried to get it on television” – a goal that had been in the works for a while – or “to increase the budget to keep it going online.” It was after that conversation that the partnership was formed.

Said Michalchyshyn in a statement: “Sundance Productions is inspired by the unique and multi-faceted talent of artist Illeana Douglas. Her comedic take on the world is brought to life in fearless and funny ways that only she could ever dream up.”

Last time THR spoke to Douglas, the actress was ready to move on from the Ikea-branded web series, hinting at the time that the forthcoming season four would likely be its last. Nearly five months later, Douglas is singing a different tune – and much of that is due to the Sundance deal.

“The exciting thing is that No. 1, the show will be continuing,” Douglas said. “That’s the most exciting thing as a filmmaker. We’ll be able to continue doing the show online.”

The deal will also allow the series to expand its reach online via new destinations. “Our distribution pattern this year -- in addition to YouTube, Blip and Dailymotion -- we’ll go through Sundance and any other places that they have partnered with,” she added.

Watch the new season four trailer above and check out the official poster below:

Easy to Assemble launches its new season Oct. 16.

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