'In Plain Sight' Series Finale: Mary and Marshall Connect During Funeral Planning (Exclusive Video)

After five seasons, USA Network's In Plain Sight is saying goodbye forever.

In a touching scene from tonight's series finale exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, U.S. Marshals Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack) and Marshall Mann (Fred Weller) connecting on a deeper level as Mary grapples with a bittersweet reality that many are forced to deal with: death.

"It's so quiet," Mary says after a few beats. Marshall tries to be a good supportive friend at that moment: "That's good. Quiet's good .. right?" "Doesn't feel good. I didn't even know him," Mary dejectedly says before doing sort of a 180.

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By the end of last week's episode, Mary discovered that her father James (guest star Stephen Lang) did not make it. (Also in tonight's episode, the future of the WITSEC office is addressed and the state of the Abby-Marshall relationship will be wrapped up.)

Recently, THR caught up with series stars McCormack and Weller, who reminisced about their experience on In Plain Sight.

"There where moments between takes we were cracking up so much," Weller told THR of moments he'll miss most. "It was nonsense and we couldn’t stop laughing. I tried to kick a door in for one scene and my foot went through the door and got stuck. Mary ruined three takes after that because she couldn’t get it together and that’s the stuff that’s hard to translate but it will stick with me forever."

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McCormack was more sentimental, admitting to THR that the dynamic between Mary and Marshall will be something she will never forget.

"Mostly what I’ll miss is Fred because we worked really well together. I don’t think we ever had an argument. We are like best friends; I’m his Godmother to his daughter," said McCormack. "We are really partners in real-life. We have each other's backs and make each other laugh. We spend a lot of hours together and we always enjoy it. I think I’ll miss that most."

In Plain Sight's series finale airs Friday at 10 p.m. on USA Network.