'The Inbetweeners': Simon Preps His Bedroom for a Carly Visit (Exclusive Video)

Another Monday night, another hormone-filled episode of MTV's The Inbetweeners.

And this week the stars will align  for Simon (Bubba Lewis) when fumigation forces Carly's (Alex Frnka) family out of their house, placing his teenage crush and her family right under his roof for the night. Time to get busy.

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Cleaning his room, that is.

The guys help Simon transform his bedroom from a kid's playground (complete with race car bed) to, well, watch the video to see.

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The Hollywood Reporter
has an exclusive preview of Monday's episode, "Class Clown," in the player above. And aside from what looks like a promising evening for Simon, Will (Joey Pollari) doesn't understand why his pals aren't rallying around him in defense of Donovan's bullying and Jay (Zack Pearlman) ups the ante in his family's class clown legacy with a "Beautiful Mind"-inspired prank during the episode.

The Inbetweeners airs Monday on MTV at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT.

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