Indie Icons: Morgan Spurlock Talks New CNN Show 'Inside Man' (Video)

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Morgan Spurlock hopes the perspective of his new CNN series doesn't easily fall into an ideological category.

"What happens when you turn on the TV a lot? They completely polarize everything. You're either on this side, you're either on this side, and that's it, there's no middle ground," the Super Size Me director tells The Hollywood Reporter during a recent interview while on a press tour for Inside Man

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"Almost every issue we cover in this show, there is a tremendous amount of people who aren't on this side or this side that have much differing opinions than the ones who are screaming the loudest. I think that is what this show does. It gives a voice to a lot of those people," Spurlock explained. 

Inside Man, a first-person exploration show, sees Spurlock take a job in a medical marijuana dispensary during the debut episode on June 23. The show will air weekly on Sundays at 10 p.m.

Watch the THR interview above.