'The Inhumans': Watch the First Trailer for ABC's New Marvel Drama

Marvel's Inhumans_Cast - Publicity - P 2017
Michael Muller/ABC

You can take the Bastard of Bolton out of Westeros, but the erstwhile Ramsay Snow's mean streak is alive and well on the new Marvel drama The Inhumans.

ABC and Marvel Entertainment has released the first official trailer for its new superhero series, set to debut on the network in the fall. The first two episodes of the series will screen early in Imax theaters starting Sept. 1. The trailer showcases an impending civil war between the Inhumans, a race of super-powered men and women (and dogs, in the case of the fan-favorite Lockjaw), who live undetected from mankind in their ancestral home of Atillan

At the center of the conflict are two brothers: Game of Thrones veteran Iwan Rheon as Maximus, an Iago of sorts (or a Loki if you would prefer a Marvel metaphor) who wants to expand the Inhumans' influence to the people of Earth; and Hell on Wheels leading man Anson Mount as Black Bolt, the king of the Inhumans, whose voice is so powerful that he can send vehicles soaring through the air with nothing more than a grunt — which is exactly what he does in the trailer, viewable below.

In addition to Rheon and Mount, The Inhumans features Serinda Swan (Graceland) as Black Bolt's wife and queen Medusa; Ken Leung (Lost) as Black Bolt's closest ally, KarnakEme Ikwuakor (Concussion) as military commander Gorgon; and more — including Lockjaw, a massive dog with the power of teleportation

The Inhumans premieres Sept. 29 on ABC, following early Imax screenings of the first two episodes starting Sept. 1.