'Inside Amy Schumer' Goes 'Real Housewives' in Episode-Long Reunion Sketch

On Thursday's finale, Schumer got her chance to scream, finger-point and (almost) dramatically walk off one of Andy Cohen's reunion sets.
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The 'Inside Amy Schumer' reunion episode

The Inside Amy Schumer finale came in the form of a reunion show — Real Housewives style — on Thursday night.

Hosted by Andy Cohen himself, the "Inside Amy Schumer: Rubbing Our Clips" reunion show — aka "the contractually obligated clip show" — capped off Amy Schumer's star-studded fourth season of her Comedy Central series.

A longtime fan of the Bravo reality franchise (she even faux auditioned last year), Schumer played a version of herself when she was joined by Inside Amy Schumer's supervising producer, writer and real-life sister Kim Caramele and frequent stars Greta Lee and Bridget Everett.

Showcasing big hair, big accents, sequined dresses and eye rolls galore, Schumer and the rest of her couch guests drew inspiration from the cast of New Jersey (with a little bit of Atlanta and Beverly Hills) for the episode-long parody.

Cohen, the Bravo-talk show host who birthed the franchise and hosts every reunion show, introduced the women like he would for the Housewives, stretching out the "Hellos" to each castmember.

"Are we still doing hellos?" Schumer asks. 

"Oh, yeah, the hellos on reunion shows last for about a half hour," says Cohen.

In typical reunion form, Cohen introduced Schumer with a clip reel — which included highlights from the series' most memorable sketches like "Last F—able Day," "12 Angry Men" and "Girl, You Don't Need Makeup" — and had to throw himself in the middle of one brawl and stop one star from walking off the set.

The biggest argument surrounded Schumer's use of the P-word. When the star denied that she has ever said the dirty word, Cohen airs a minutelong montage of proof. Later, the ladies are joined by the show's male guido alter egos, as supervising producer Kevin Kane, executive producer Dan Powell and writer and performer Kyle Dunnigan take up the stools behind the couches usually reserved for the Real Housewives husbands. 

Schumer ends the show by promoting her upcoming projects, a fitting reminder about how busy the Trainwreck star will be when the season ends. The comedian is currently on a six-week tour, begins shooting her untitled movie with Goldie Hawn in a month, releases her book The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo in August and covered the most recent issue of Vogue, complete with an Anna Wintour spoof, which also hit Thursday.

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