Amy Schumer Tackles Gun Violence in a "Funny and Unique Way"

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Comedy Central

Going into this season, Amy Schumer knew right off the bat that there was one topic she wanted to address on her series.

On the April 28 episode of Inside Amy Schumer, the Emmy winner spoofs gun violence in a sketch titled "Welcome to the Gun Show." In the bit, which you can watch below, Schumer is seen peddling a handgun to callers on a Home Shopping Network-style show.

"Just as a reminder to all the parents at home," she says, "these make perfect stocking stuffers."

Last July, a gunman opened fire during a screening of Schumer's film Trainwreck and two women were fatally wounded. The Lafayette, La., movie theater shooting hit the writer and star close to home and quickly saw Schumer using her fame as a platform to advocate for gun safety.

"In the wake of the shooting at the Trainwreck screening, Amy met with the victims’ families and felt that it was an issue that was important to her," the show's executive producer Dan Powell told The Hollywood Reporter. "Amy wrote the sketch, and I think it hits points that we haven’t seen before in a really funny and unique way."

Schumer follows up the sketch with a quick stand-up bit about the shooting and ends the episode by interviewing a gun safety advocate from Everytown for Gun Safety for her "Amy Goes Deep" segment. "Those interviews are always in the fourth act and they tend to not get as much attention as the sketches that go viral," says Powell, "But they’re one of my favorite parts of the show."

The entire episode isn't dedicated to the topic, but for the bits that are, Powell says they did their research.

"[Everytown] helped us fact-check our sketches before we shot them, and they also came in and did a presentation about statistics on gun violence, just to make sure that we kind of knew our facts," he adds. "We explored a few longer-form things, but we felt that a little goes a long way with this subject matter."

And when it comes to some of the show's more controversial sketches, Powell says no one is breaking a sweat about how they'll be received: "In addition to being fearless, [Amy's] extremely confident in her sense of humor. She knows that if something is funny and interesting to her and makes her laugh, there’s going to be an audience for it."

This episode also sees the full Game of Thrones-themed sketch that was teased in one of the season promos and a skit starring Liam Neeson, which Powell couldn't wait for viewers to see.

"It’s one of my favorites of the season and working with him was a very surreal experience," he says. "He could not have been a nicer guy, by the way."

Inside Amy Schumer airs Thursdays on Comedy Central at 10 p.m. ET/PT.