Isaac Bashevis Singer Novel 'Shadows on the Hudson' to Be Adapted for TV

Shadows on the Hudson - S 2016
Courtesy of Macmillan

Macmillan Publishers' in-house film and TV unit has teamed with Wildhorse Studios to develop the Isaac Bashevis Singer novel Shadows on the Hudson for TV.

The Macmillan Entertainment division tapped Toronto-based Wildhorse to adapt the story about prosperous Jewish exiles in New York City during the late 1940s for network TV and begin production later this year.? The development deal was announced by Brendan Deneen, executive editor at Macmillan Entertainment, and Wildhorse founder John Benitz.

There's no word on filming locations, casting and other production details. Shadows on the Hudson centers on Boris Makaver, a devout wealthy businessman and his daughter, Anna.

When Anna begins an affair and runs away with Boris’ best friend, Hertz Grein, their community is turned upside down, testing bonds of friendship as Singer explores the nature of love and exile after World War II.? ?Shadows on the Hudson was first published as a book in 1957 after an earlier Yiddish newspaper serialization.

The novel was later translated into English in 1998. Macmillan Entertainment has set up book-to-screen projects at MGM, Legendary Pictures, Sony Pictures Television and The Weinstein Company.

The book publisher got into page-to-screen development and a production pact with Wildhorse after seeing book-based film franchises like The Hunger Games and Twilight do well at the local multiplex.