Issa Rae Explains Checking Her Phone During Betty White's Emmys Speech

After being caught checking her phone during a standing ovation for Betty White at Monday's Primetime Emmy Awards, Issa Rae explained what she was doing (or at least tried to) on Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live

"Look, my phone broke," the Insecure star began. "I was hanging onto Betty White's every word."

"First of all, I love Betty White, and I was hanging onto her every word," she said. "This cameraman was shady. My phone broke. My family was probably texting me because I had just lost and so I was trying to silence it. I actually don't know what I was doing, to be honest, but I was paying attention."

Kimmel shared that Twitter users were quick to address Rae's lack of attention for White. "People were tweeting while they were going off on me, so they were tweeting during Betty White's speech while being mad at me for checking my phone," she pointed out.

"Issa, why do you hate Betty White?" Kimmel teased before the guest burst out laughing. "I fought Betty White," she jokingly responded.

Kimmel then asked if Rae went to any of the afterparties. "Oh boy, did I," she answered. "I went to two. I went to the HBO one, and then my publicist threw one that was really fun. I partied like I won."

"I was out pretty late," she continued. "I was out til like maybe 3 or 4 in the morning."

"I woke up with, like, this throbbing pain, and I was like, 'I know I'm not hungover. What is it?' You know, my makeup artist, she had tweezed my eyebrows, so I was like, 'Maybe I'm feeling sensitive,'" she recalled. "And then in the middle of the day, I was watching BoJack Horseman and it came to me, and I was like, 'I know what happened. I know why I'm in pain.'"

She said that while at a party, she tried to catch up with actor Brandon Bell. "I walk by him. You know, I was smooth. When you're drunk, you're really smooth, and I was like, 'Hey, so good to see you, blah-blah, I'll miss you at my party,'" she said.

And then she ran into a door.

"I didn't know it happened 'cause my friend was with me, and you know when toddlers fall and hurt themselves? If you go 'Ahh' then they'll cry, but if you go, 'Hey, it's OK' ... She did that to me."

Watch the full interview above.