BBC America's 'Doctor Who,' ABC's 'Modern Family' Top iTunes Year-End TV List

The digital retailer has revealed its customers' top television shows and staff picks for the year.

Oh, you Whovians. Once again, fans of the Doctor Who series prove their dedication to the show as it tops iTunes’ list of most downloaded seasons on the company’s 2011 year-end list.

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Doctor Who’s sixth season starring Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor came in at No. 1 for BBC America. It is followed by ABC’s Modern Family in second place. Showtime’s Dexter made the third place cut.

Yet, when it came to the digital retailer’s staff picks, they clearly formed a bond with Modern Family as its best half-hour show. AMC's Breaking Bad, PBS' Downton Abbey, and NBC's Parks and Recreation also placed among their favorites.

Take a look at the full list below.

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("Top" means most downloaded, "Best" is an editorial pick by the iTunes staff)


1. Doctor Who

2. Modern Family

3. Dexter

4. Breaking Bad

5. True Blood

6. Top Gear

7. Glee

8. Entourage

9. Archer

10. The Walking Dead


1. The Walking Dead, What Lies Ahead

2. Glee, Original Song

3. Breaking Bad, Box Cutter

4. Sons of Anarchy, Out

5. Gossip Girl, The Kids Are Not Alright

6. Instinct, Terra Nova

7. Modern Family, Our Children, Ourselves

8. Two and a Half Men, Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt

9. Victorious, Ice Cream for Ke$ha

10. Smallville, Finale, Pts. 1&2

BEST HALF-HOUR: Modern Family

BEST DRAMA: Breaking Bad

BEST DISCOVERY: Downtown Abbey

BEST COMEDY: Parks and Recreation

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