'iZombie' Boss Reveals Major "Will Hit Rock Bottom" This Season

iZombie S02E04 Still - H 2015
Diyah Pera/The CW

iZombie S02E04 Still - H 2015

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Tuesday's episode of iZombie, "Zombie Bro."]

Major (Robert Buckley) has never had an easy time on iZombie, but things have truly never been worse for Liv's (Rose McIver) ex-fiance on The CW drama. 

Not only is he being blackmailed by Max Rager (Steven Weber) to kill zombies regardless of who they are or what they've done, but he's also now found himself battling a Utopium drug addiction to combat the fact that he still has feelings for Liv and his new, bloody job. 

"He will hit rock bottom," executive producer Rob Thomas told reporters after an early screening of Tuesday's episode. "That's the journey that he's going on. He's doing this horrible thing and can't quite stand himself. We have a scene that I adore in which he officially hits rock bottom. It's Major out on the streets trying to score Utopium. … Major knows he's made it all the way down at that point, but it's a few episodes away."

But Major won't have to go it completely alone for long. His roommate and BFF Ravi (Rahul Kohli) will soon figure out the truth about Major's secret struggle.

"It's pretty hard to hide," Thomas said. "Ravi picks up on it pretty soon. Very quickly, I'd say. Possibly if you watch one more episode, Ravi will pick up on it."

, but it takes him a while to get his bearings," executive producer Rob Thomas tells THR."]

Thomas and the rest of the iZombie writers were looking forward to see where this darker storyline would take the show. "We were excited about playing the moment where Liv and Major have it out," Thomas said. "He certainly doesn't want to have anything to do with her at the beginning of this season and at a certain point not too far down the road, she will have had enough and will confront him. That does give us a really hefty, dramatic scene to look forward to."

But don't expect Major to stay down for long. Thomas reveals that eventually, he will find a way to fight back against his own demons as well as Max Rager.

"That is his big mission: trying to keep himself and Liv alive," Thomas said. "In order to do that, he has to take out these zombies. You're going to watch him do that for a long time. It's going to be a moral crisis for him. It's a big part of the reason why he's going down into that Utopium well. It will be tearing him apart. And it doesn't get any easier for him for a long time. ... He's not just going to sit back and take it all season. At some point, he's got to figure out how to turn the tables on Max Rager. You won't watch 22 episodes of him forlorn simply going about this task."

In fact, it was Major's strength of character that initially won Buckley over when he first signed on to the show. "What we pitched Robert Buckley when we got him to agree to do this was there was going to be this journey and he would be a man of action," Thomas says. "He's been put in another pretty awful predicament, but part of the journey will be him trying to figure out a way out of it."

Tuesday's episode also introduced Blaine's (David Anders) father, Angus (Robert Knepper), and their father-son relationship explained a lot about Blaine's attitude and personality.

"We do get to see Knepper back on the show," Thomas said. "Blaine is going to try to become the crime lord of Seattle and we eventually meet the crime lord of Seattle. He will become a significant role as well. Eddie Jemison is playing the role of Mr. Boss."

Another returning character will be Liv's ex-best friend Peyton (Aly Michalka), who was last seen fleeing the country after discovering that Liv was a zombie.

"This year, she is very much in the thick of it," Thomas said. "She comes back in her assistant D.A. position and she gets asked by the D.A. to take over the Utopium task force so that puts her right in the thick of the action. It's not just her popping into the apartment to hear how Liv is feeling. She's deep in it this year."

But don't expect her and Ravi to pick right up where they left off in regards to their blossoming relationship. "We made the decision that when Peyton gets back, they don't fall into a relationship," Thomas said. "They're both going in different directions. Then the first scene we shot with the two of them together [is] in my handful of favorite things we've shot so far in season two. Those two are just so good in that scene. It's one of those moments where I might rethink everything."

However, Ravi will also have his hands full in the morgue trying to perfect the imperfect zombie cure. "He will be incredibly involved with trying to remake a cure, trying to locate the tainted Utopium [that made zombies in the first place]," Thomas said. "We have an episode early this year where Clive [Malcolm Goodwin] gets taken off the board and Ravi and Liv go out and investigate a case together and that's really fun."

And after watching Liv eat a fraternity bro's brain, Thomas is excited for fans to see her next meal: a Real Housewife brain.

"Next week's episode is the best Rose has ever been," said Thomas, who also teased that Liv will eat a "country western chanteuse brain and then basketball coach brain" in the coming episodes. "She is spectacular. She looks great, but she has every mannerism down. It's so good."

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.