'Jackass' Ryan Dunn Dies: Fans Pay Tribute on Twitter

Some also speak out against drunk driving after photos surface of the reality star drinking hours before the crash.
Cheree Ray/Getty Images

After the news broke that Jackass star Ryan Dunn, 34, died early Monday morning in a car crash, fans took to Twitter to pay tribute.

Read: Jackass star Ryan Dunn dies in car crash

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They included:

- GiulianaRancic Giuliana Rancic
Ryan Dunn from Jackass TV show and movies died in a car crash early this morning. He was only 34...so young and so sad...

- MariahCleveland Mariah Budeen
Ryan Dunn passed away this morning. Definitely a wake up call to not let the little things get to me anymore. Wow.. </3

- Nathan Frisbee
R.I.P. Ryan Dunn. I enjoyed laughing as you inflicted pain on yourself. But I'm sad to see you go.

Police report: Dunn died in Porsche "englufed in flames"

- naughticalx Ayden Skyler
Ryan Dunn, you will be missed. I'll especially remember you from Viva La Bam. <3 Stay funny, man.

- xratedcupcake Anna Wall
Ryan Dunn will be missed, this is so beyond sad, I was thinking about him a few days ago. I used to love him so, so much, he will be missed!

- rachelmiranda18 Rachel Ballett
Last picture of Ryan Dunn, taken just a couple of hours before he passed. Another lesson in drinking and driving. rndmhro.com/post/6712671221

- IamLinguistics Max Owen
Sad news about Ryan Dunn, that guy gave me so many laughs as a kid.

- Edmund Ward
hudcrab Edmund Ward
NOW, will you not try this at home?! Ryan Dunn dies in a car crash

Ryan Dunn and Jackass became trending topics on Twitter.

So far, Dunn's good friend and Jackass co-star Bam Margera has not spoken out on Twitter. It was his mother, April, who first confirmed the news that Dunn had died.

Police said his car slammed into a tree and burst into flames around 2:30 a.m. Photos posted online show a badly mangled and nearly unrecognizable vehicle.

Dunn's passenger, who also died, has not yet been identified.

He posted a photo of himself drinking just hours before the accident, causing some fans to speak out on drunk driving on Twitter. It has not yet been confirmed he was drinking and driving.

Read: Police report: Jackass star Ryann Dunn dies in Porshe "engulfed in flames"

- ecorno El Carno
Ryan Dunn's death, while tragic, was also avoidable. Dont drink and drive- seems simple enough

- yusufyuie Yusuf Muhammad
what happend to Ryan Dunn and the other person who lost their life is why i am a true member of #TeamDontDriveDrunk!!! #R.I.Peace

- SportsChick24_7 *Mel*
Seriously DONT DRINK & DRIVE! RT @fsmikey: PIC of Ryan Dunn drinking at bar hours before crash from his Twitter account 961kiss.com/pages/morningf…

Click here to read the press release from the West Goshen Police Department.