'Jackass'' Ryan Dunn Remembered by Neighbors

Ryan Dunn - Visit MTV's "TRL" - 2005
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Ryan Dunn's neighbors opened up about the Jackass star Tuesday -- one day after he died in a car accident.

"He was real," Sam Ford tells MTV News of the Jackass star.

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"He had truly kind eyes and a heart and a half," added Brock Jackson, who grew up playing Little League with the Jackass crew, including Bam Margera. "He remembered every time he met somebody."

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Jon Gurten drove 35 miles to visit the site where Dunn and Jackass production assistant Zachary Hartwell drove off the road and slammed into a tree. "Just being local, it was weird how it hit you. We don't know the guy, but he seemed like a normal dude doing good for himself."

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Gurten was at the site (where a "long distances of trees [were] ripped apart") when Margera broke down while visiting.

Robert Moyer said at least 50 people gathered at one point to pay respects to Dunn at the site of the accident, where police are continuing their investigation.

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"He acted like a normal guy," says Moyer, who recalls running into him at the local T.G.I. Friday's recently. "He wasn't trying to throw his money down or act like a big shot. He didn't have a chip on his shoulder," Moyer recalled. "He said, 'Thanks for the support. Thanks for watching my movies.' "

West Chester native Christy Colflesh said Dunn was a "down-to-earth, totally awesome guy" who always took time to pose for photographs with fans.

According to preliminary autopsy results, Dunn and Hartwell died from blunt-force trauma and the fire that started after the crash. Although Dunn posted a photo of them drinking online hours earlier, toxicology reports won't be ready for weeks.

An online war of words erupted earlier after Roger Ebert was called insensitive for pointing out that Dunn may have been drunk. He defended his Tweet, but apologized to Dunn's family later.


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