Jacqueline Bisset on Golden Globes Speech: 'Where Is This Coming From?' (Video)

Jacqueline Bisset on Queen Latifah - H 2014

Jacqueline Bisset on Queen Latifah - H 2014

Jacqueline Bisset delivered a memorably bizarre speech at the Golden Globes, in which the best supporting actress winner thanked people, cursed and ruminated about forgiveness.

Appearing on The Queen Latifah Show, Bisset revealed what happened and why she said what she did.

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First, the actress explained that she wasn't prepared to make a speech so early in the show, saying she was told her category would be presented at the end of the show. And, she said that while the show was going on, she was vaguely listening and thinking about other things, including why she hadn't gotten her dinner.

Bisset explained that she spent two and a half hours on the red carpet, and by the time she arrived at the ballroom of the Beverly Hilton, they had closed the kitchen, so she was hungry and thirsty but without anything to eat or drink.

The Golden Globe winner for Starz's Dancing on the Edge then explained what she was trying to say in her speech and how it ended up somewhat disjointed.

"It just did a twist on itself," the actress said. "It just came out mixed and all kinds of thoughts came out mixed but ultimately, when I started that speech, I was thinking, 'I want to thank the people that have given me joy and the people who had given me grief.' I was about to say that I kind of forgave them too because it was such a great learning process as an actress. All that pain you get in your life, it feeds your instrument, your library of things you can do when you're on film and you're acting. But then it got twisted up, and I thought, 'Where is this coming from?'"

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During her speech Bisset said that forgiveness is the best beauty treatment, something Latifah asked her to elaborate on during Tuesday's show. Bisset explained that it's part of her opposition to the sense of entitlement so many people feel, which she pointed out is one of her biggest pet peeves.

"If you have that attitude [of entitlement], and you don't realize that we're all trying to live together and be part of each other's worlds, then I think you've got to forgive and if you don't get something, you've got to find a way to keep your body flowing, still moving through and not getting stuck in tension and anger, and I totally believe that what you think shows on your face," she said. "Ultimately, I don't think you can be really glamorous and feminine and female without being relaxed, and I think being relaxed is part of -- it's like a letting go and accepting things as they are and thanking the world for what you get. It may be esoteric as a thought, but it's kind of the way I feel."

After all that, Latifah asked Bisset if she ever got her dinner during the ceremony. When she said she hadn't, the host revealed that they'd prepared the same dinner served at the Golden Globes and had it brought out to her guest. The two then toasted Bisset's Globes win with some sort of non-alcoholic sparkling beverage.

Watch part of Bisset's interview with Latifah below.