Jake Tapper Says Americans Will "Look Back" on Kavanaugh Hearings for Years

CNN's Jake Tapper joined Stephen Colbert on the Late Show Monday night to discuss the sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. 

When asked if Kavanaugh's Senate hearing would be remembered forever, Tapper said, "I think so. I think people will look back on this week...and what they thought about what was being said and remember it."

Of the FBI investigation into the allegations against Kavanaugh, Tapper said, “I think they want an FBI investigation that will remove the issue of an FBI investigation from the Kavanaugh nomination.”

A proposed vote on Kavanaugh is scheduled for Friday. Tapper said he “assumed” Kavanaugh would be confirmed to join the Supreme Court, earning boos from the audience, to which Tapper said, “I’ve heard worse.”

Tapper also called Sen. Jeff Flake’s decision to support an FBI investigation a “gutsy move.”

When asked how the Kavanaugh story will change how reporters cover sexual assault and the role of women in Washington politics, Tapper responded, “I’ve had all-women panels lots of times, but this Sunday I felt like we’ve heard from men enough.”