James Brady Death: Networks Air Shooting Footage He Wanted Destroyed

James Brady - P 2014
AP Images

James Brady - P 2014

As TV news outlets reported on the death of former Reagan press secretary James Brady, many did so by replaying footage that he said he wanted to obliterate.

Brady was famously wounded in the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan in 1981, with footage captured of Brady lying sprawled on the sidewalk after the attack.

The clip was replayed often in the days following the incident and Brady later told the Associated Press the footage was particularly painful for him to watch, causing him to relive the experience.

"I want to take every bit of [that] film … and put them in a cement incinerator, slosh them with gasoline and throw a lighted cigarette in," he told the AP.

But that didn’t stop the networks from replaying the shooting footage during Monday night’s reports on the former press secretary and gun-control advocate’s death.

ABC, NBC and CBS all aired images of Brady lying wounded in the assassination attempt during their Monday evening news broadcasts.

Watch the networks’ reports below.

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