James Corden Celebrates 'Seinfeld' Finale Anniversary by Jokingly Revealing Theme Song Involvement

This week marks the 20th anniversary of the Seinfeld finale, and the timing seemed to be right for James Corden to jokingly reveal he actually played a role in the hit NBC sitcom.

On Monday's Late Late Show, the CBS host "unearthed" footage of his apparent involvement with the recording of Seinfeld's theme song. In the clip, a "young" Corden — or what appeared to be Corden today, just in a blonde wig — is shown entering a recording studio, with the song's "lyrics" in hand.

As Corden prepares to sing, the song's bass kicks in along with its various pops and clicks. Corden keeps waiting for his moment only for the beats to continue. "Did I miss it?" he eventually asks before starting over.

In the end, he makes a couple of mouth noises — but that's it. "I think we got it!"