James Corden, Ed Helms Team Up for Steve Bannon Spoof on 'Late Late Show'

The late-night host, dressed as the former chief strategist, endured a lie-detector test from faux investigator Helms about Russian collusion.
Courtesy of CBS
Ed Helms and James Corden on 'The Late Late Show.'

Though it's been months since Steve Bannon has been ousted from President Trump's White House, the former chief strategist can't escape his past.

In a skit for CBS' Late Late Show, host James Corden, dressed as Bannon, was subpoenaed to testify in the Russian collusion investigation and sat through a polygraph test, conducted by guest Ed Helms.

Helms, playing the role of a faux investigator, was quick to ask Corden's Bannon whether he believed he had a "healthy working relationship" with the president, to which the machine dubbed Corden's "yes" a lie. He then changed his answer to "kind of," only for the machine to once again alert that it was a lie. "We fought like two vultures who found the same dead raccoon," the late-night host said.

"I meant that as a metaphor. I've never eaten a dead raccoon," Corden added, as the polygraph detected his answer as another lie. "OK, but it was dead when I found it."

Helms then asked Corden about his accusations regarding Donald Trump Jr.'s meetings with Russian officials in Michael Wolff's tell-all book Fire and Fury.

"Is there something off with that kid?" Helms asked, to which Corden jokingly answered, "Oh yeah, big-time. I mean more than a little something. Everything."

Asking a question for his own personal enjoyment, Helms proceeded to press Corden's Bannon on whether he believed Trump to be 239 pounds as reported after his medical examination. "Oh, not a chance. I mean, he's way fatter than me, and on a good day I'm at least 240," Corden joked, having to admit that his weight is actually heavier after the detector alerted his response as false.

Corden's Bannon later admitted that he traveled to Russia for "experimental treatment for a skin condition" that the Russian doctors dubbed "circus face." Helms then noticed Corden chewing what appeared to be gum, but the late-night host admitted to it being a "Tide pod."

"I've been living off these bad boys since I got canned," he said.

Before their meeting concluded, Corden jokingly asked whether Helms was hiring. After Helms revealed that they are but he would need to pass a "routine background check," Corden simply responded, "I'll be on my way then."