James Corden Goes Method to Play Peter Rabbit in 'Late Late Show' Sketch

James Corden wants everyone to know he is a dedicated actor.

In a sketch during his Late Late Show on Monday, the host comically offered a glimpse at his method acting for his upcoming film Peter Rabbit alongside Margot Robbie and Domhnall Gleeson.

“When I take on a role in a film, I throw myself into it 100 percent, like Robert De Niro in Raging Bull or Daniel-Day Lewis’ Lincoln. The part becomes all consuming,” Corden joked, explaining that he didn’t just want to “play the rabbit,” he felt he needed to “become the rabbit.”

Corden is then shown dressed in a rabbit costume throughout filming, even correcting Gleeson for referring to him as “James.” “He knows he’s going to be animated, right?” Gleeson is shown asking director Will Gluck. The late-night host later jokingly admits that he was unaware that his part was going to be animated, but already underwent a “15-hour surgical procedure” to have his face reconstructed.

Corden’s rabbit eventually becomes frustrating for the cast and crew to deal with, with Robbie insisting she must call her agent after Corden’s Peter eats cabbage while the actress records her dialogue. Corden later jokes that the actress has always been “a little tricky,” for she doesn’t have the expertise that he does. “So she still has a lot to learn about being on set and respecting the process,” Corden said.

“Eventually it just got intolerable,” Gleeson explained of Corden’s rabbit transformation. The two engage in a heated argument while filming, after Corden’s rabbit crashes into a set piece. “You’re James Corden,” Gleeson yelled, then pulling off a part of Corden's costume to prove his argument. Corden proceeds to have a meltdown, while Gleeson and Robbie fail to find sympathy.

“I mean, when you exist solely on a diet of carrots, lettuce and tree bark for six months, eventually you’re going to break,” Robbie explained.

At the end of the sketch, Corden explained that his transformation was all in the past, before he's revealed to still have his costume tail attached.