James Corden Investigates: Is Steve From 'Stranger Things' Jean-Ralphio's Real Dad?

James Corden investigates Ben Schwartz Stranger Things - H 2016

Is Stranger Things' Steve Harrington related to Parks and Recreation's Jean-Ralphio Saperstein

James Corden and The Late Late Show made it their business to find out on Thursday night. 

In his special investigation, Corden first laid out the facts: Stranger Things and Parks and Recreation both take place in Indiana, and because of the shows' timelines and the characters' remarkably similar hairdos, many fans have theorized that Steve is, in fact, Jean-Ralphio's father. 

Actors Joe Keery (Steve) and Ben Schwartz (Jean-Ralphio) sat down with Entertainment Tonight's Nischelle Turner to find out if the Internet conspiracy is true. 

After both appearing in the same outfit with the same mannerisms, they answered almost exactly the same in Turner's speed round and miming exercise. 

The interview concluded with a touching father-and-son montage. "You're my father," said Schwartz. "We've got to catch up on some lost time," Keery added. 

Watch the segment below.