James Corden Reminisces With 'Ocean's 8' Stars About Filming the Heist Movie

Corden with Oceans 8 - Screengrab - H 2018
YouTube/The Late Late Show with James Corden

Ocean’s 8 has a star-studded cast, including The Late Late Show's James Corden, who may not have gotten as much coverage as Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett and other bigger names in the movie.

Corden poked fun at his role being subordinate to the group of eight women in a pre-recorded video for Thursday's episode of his late-night program.

In the clip, the Ocean's 8 cast participates in a panel interview to promote the film. The interviewer asks if the women pulled any pranks on set. As Sarah Paulson, Mindy Kaling, Blanchett, Bullock, Anne Hathaway and Awkwafina reminisce and joke that they should keep their pranks private, Corden appears at the end of the panel and said, “Yeah, it was so fun. We all just had a really, really great time.”

“James, I didn’t know you were here,” said Paulson, who sat next to Corden.

When the interviewer thanks the cast for their time and states that the press junket for Ocean’s 8 is complete, Corden asks, “What do you mean?”

“Press is over, James,” said Hathaway. “On to the next one.”

“I can’t believe it’s over,” said Corden as his costars sympathetically nod. “I’ll miss you guys so much… We’ll keep in touch though, right?” When the women unenthusiastically agree, Corden continued, “Friends forever.”

“So I’ll see you guys tonight?” asked Bullock as the women all exit together, leaving Corden alone. He happily runs after his costars as they all participate in a conversation that excludes him.

“Graduation (Friends Forever)” by Vitamin C begins to play as the cast enters a dressing room. As the women talk, Corden opens his locker to reveal photos of his castmates adorning the inside.

Corden then reminisces about the good times he shared with the cast, including throwing paper airplanes at each other, going through a scrapbook that includes memories from their time on set and the women cheering as he hangs a banner that reads “Class of O8” at a party.

“I mean guys, what’s gonna happen to us? Where will we all be in five years time?” asked Corden. “The movies, I guess,” answered Blanchett. “Maybe some theater,” suggested Hathaway. “Another book,” added Kaling. “An album,” said Awkwafina.

The Late Late Show host then distributed letterman jackets to the cast with matching “O8” patches. The cast took a selfie and had a group hug before Corden began to tear up and walked away.

Another past memory that Corden reflected on was the cast signing each other’s scripts and Corden handing out wallet-sized photos of himself. Paulson flipped over her photo and revealed that Corden wrote “So you’ll always remember me” on the headshot. Corden also revealed a tattoo that read “O8 4EVER” on his arm. His costars nodded at the gesture, though they didn’t seem impressed.

The clip ends as the cast hug goodbye. While some castmembers like Blanchett and Bullock are fine to quickly hug Corden, Hathaway emotionally embraces him. Others, like Awkwafina, feel trapped in his hug and clearly want to leave the grieving actor.

The actresses leave one at a time until Corden and Paulson are the only two left in a parking lot waiting for their rides home. “James, I really want you to know how much I’m gonna miss you. Just incredible to work—,” Paulson begins before she hears her car honk and walks away. “Oh, never mind that’s me.”

When Corden is left alone, he throws his backpack onto the ground and thrusts his fist in the air in homage to the ending of The Breakfast Club. Text appears on the screen that reads, “The cast of Ocean’s 8 went on to star in numerous hit films and TV shows. James waited 8 minutes for his Lyft ride before his driver cancelled.”

Corden also interviewed Bullock, Paulson and Awkwafina during Thursday’s (June 7) episode of The Late Late Show.

Awkwafina discussed a song she wrote that ultimately got her fired from a previous job. “I made a song called ‘My Vag,’ yeah, and I kind of like mentioned it to my boss and she was like, ‘Oh’ and then I was immediately fired.”

While she was at first hesitant to reveal the name of the company, Bullock and Paulson encouraged Awkwafina to admit it was a firm in Manhattan. “You know who you are. You lost out,” Bullock told her costar’s former employer.

Bullock also recalled her former job when she was a college student. “I used to open up for these incredible drag queens in North Carolina,” she said. “I used to hot glue my sequins on the little shirt. I had no outfit.”

“I would dance. I believe I wasn’t hired cause I was good. I believe I was hired because I was very enthusiastic and they made it rain for me,” she said. “I believe that’s where ‘Make it Rain’ [happened].” She then mimicked people throwing dollar bills into the air. She concluded, “They were amazing.”

Corden used the topic of Bullock’s former career as a dancer to segue into a conversation he recently had with actress Amanda Peet about a dance that she and Paulson created. “It’s a mom at a wedding. Like at her son’s wedding,” explained Paulson. She then stood up and showed off the dance move, which includes her waving and shaking her hips.