Blake Griffin Throws Basketballs and Cake at James Corden and Paul Feig

Late Late Show James Corden Basketball or Cake - Publicity - H 2018
Terence Patrick/CBS

James Corden recruited NBA star Blake Griffin and Paul Feig for a game of "Basketball or Cake" on Thursday's episode of The Late Late Show.

Corden and Feig are first seen dressed in hockey helmets and are heavily padded. The host explained that Griffin will stand on a roof and throw either a basketball or a cake that is decorated as a basketball at the two men on the ground. While Corden and Feig won't know if it is a basketball or cake being thrown at them, they must try to catch the object. The player to catch the most basketballs and cakes by the end of the game would be declared the winner.

"James, have you had some of this cake yet?" asked Griffin from the roof. The host responded, "Yes, of course."

Griffin told Corden and Feig that he was starting the game by throwing a basketball to them, though when the object hit Corden's arms, it was revealed to be a cake. The professional basketball player then threw down a basketball without giving the two men a warning and the ball hit Feig and bounced off of his head.

Corden received the first point when he caught the next basketball.

Feig went in to catch the next basketball, only for a cake to crumble over his head. Corden then caught the next cake that was thrown to him, which scored him his second point.

Corden and Feig continued to struggle to catch the flying objects. After Corden failed to catch a cake, Feig picked it up from the ground and took a bite out of it. "It looks delicious," said the host.

After Griffin threw a ball in between Corden and Feig, the athlete said, "Somebody has to call it. Teamwork, guys."

Feig began to catch up to his competitor after consecutively catching a basketball and then cake. "We're like the Harlem Caketrotters," he joked. Feig later fell to the ground while trying to catch the next cake.

With only two cakes left, Feig got into the lead and caught the flying object. Corden eventually tied up the game by catching the final cake.

As Feig helped himself to some cake on the ground, Corden asked Griffin who was the best player. "You know what? James, you were great, but Paul, you just, you gave it everything you had."

"Screw you, Blake," responded Corden.

Watch the full game below.