James Corden's Predator Has a Rough Go Finding Work in Hollywood

Seems it is not easy getting work for the Predator outside of his own franchise of sci-fi action films — and James Corden showed why.

In a hilarious skit aired Thursday on The Late Late Show, the British host played a version of the classic alien — real name, it appears is Howard Goldschwartz — as an everyman who is just trying to branch out in Hollywood with other roles. 

Of course, it did not go well. 

The more than six-minute bit is timed to the recent release of the newest installment in the series, The Predator, and one of the stars of that film, Keegan-Michael Key, even got in on the fun of Corden's segment, saying the creature's mandibles were a dealbreaker. 

After having a cringe-worthy meeting with his agent where she shows off new headshots, Corden's Predator decides to take matters into his own hands and auditions for the role of James Bond. Needless to say, the audition is a mess. 

In between projects, the Predator is a waiter (who, of course, kills a rude customer) before landing a role on a hit sitcom — on which he is then quickly replaced by Matt LeBlanc. 

After saying he will never do another Predator film because he is sick of being typecast, the bit ends with Goldschwartz signing on for multiple Predator films.