James Corden Quizzes the Jonas Brothers on Their Reunion, Nick Reveals Early "Paranoia" on Stage

The Late Late Show with James Corden Jonas Brothers - Publicity - H 2019
Terence Patrick/CBS

The Jonas Brothers dropped by for the 600th episode of The Late Late Show on Monday with a great deal to talk about following the release of their highly anticipated comeback single, "Sucker." 

The show opened with a skit, with the brothers kidnapped in Thailand and Corden interrogating them about the “beef” that saw them take a six-year hiatus as a band. Dr. Phil even came into the room to offer advice.

Once they were safely back on the couch, Corden grilled the brothers on what made them reunite as a band. Nick spoke about the behind-the-scenes Amazon documentary which tracks the three from childhood and further into their individual pursuits, noting that they realized they were missing out on the "magic" of the group and thus decided to get back into making music together. 

Corden pressed the brothers on what their first show in six years was like, to which Nick replied, "It was great after the first few songs." He admitted he was "paranoid" for a while, but he eventually enjoyed it, as they all did. Joe was put on the spot for being the brother who sometimes forgets song lyrics, but he said they now use a teleprompter, which makes all the difference. 

Joe talked about his upcoming wedding to Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, joking that he's picked up tips of "what not to do" from his brothers' weddings. "Kevin had a snowstorm during his wedding, so maybe don't get married in December," he laughed. He went on to joke about Nick's multiple wedding events, which included traditional Hindu ceremonies, suggesting that "one" is the target number to strive for. 

The Jonas Brothers are set to make appearances on The Late Late Show all this week.