James Corden, Sally Hawkins Team Up for 'Shape of Water' Parody

The Late Late Show with James Corden Still Sally Hawkins - Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of CBS

Sally Hawkins can’t escape her love for creatures.

Appearing on Tuesday in a skit for CBS' The Late Late Show With James Corden, The Shape of Water star was shown awaiting a blind date, whom she met on Tinder, only to learn that it would be Corden dressed as a catfish named Terrie.

“Which part of Michigan are you from?” asked Hawkins, visibly confused on the identity reveal of her date. “The lake,” Corden’s catfish responded. After Hawkins’ Rachel asked why he looks nothing like his human profile picture, Corden joked, “You see, that’s me, in the tank,” pointing to the fish tank shown behind the photographed male.

Hawkins then surprised the late-night host after asking whether he would like to share an appetizer, only for Corden’s Terrie to explain, “This is already longer than any Tinder date I’ve ever been on.”

The date had a variety of comical quips such as Corden rejecting the restaurant’s soup of the day as clam chowder (“Clams don’t like me. I don’t like them”), admitting he took an Uber pool as transportation and picking up Hawkins’ French fries to joke that together they make “fish and chips.”

“Apparently I like silly,” said Hawkins, then proceeded to eat her cheeseburger with a knife and fork. “You pick it up and eat it with your hands. That’s what normal people do,” Corden quickly mentioned, flabbergasted as he watched the actress eat. After Hawkins quipped at his use of the term “normal,” Corden’s catfish began getting defensive.

“You think because I’m a fish man, I don’t know what a normal person is? You know what, I should’ve known. You’re just like all of the rest of them,” Corden said before declaring they wouldn’t make the best pair. Hawkins then threw water at Corden, only for him to yell, “Joke’s on you. Where I come from, that’s a kiss on the cheek.”