James Corden Stages 'Revenant,' 'Gladiator' Musicals With Martin Short, Will Arnett

James Corden Inappropriate Musicals H 2016

James Corden Inappropriate Musicals H 2016

The Revenant would probably make for a pretty bad stage musical.

James Corden imagined the possibility on Tuesday's episode of The Late Late Show — with Martin Short as Leonardo DiCaprio's Hugh Glass and the late-night host (and upcoming Tony Awards emcee) as the bear. However, what was seen onscreen as a vicious attack transforms into a duet about forbidden love between the epic's two characters.

Also among Corden's latest collection of inappropriate musicals was Gladiator, centering on Russell Crowe's Maximus with his now-iconic post-fight monologue (especially the line "Are you not entertained?") and featuring Will Arnett as Joaquin Phoenix's Commodus, with his deadly thumb.

Short also channels Joe Pesci's Tommy DeVito for a harmonious version of Goodfellas' "funny" scene.

Corden previously staged "inappropriate musical" adaptations of Se7en, The Exorcist and Terminator, with the help of Nathan Lane.

Watch the video below.