James Corden Plays Michael Myers in 'Making a Murderer'-'Halloween' Mash-Up Parody

The Late Late Show with James Corden - Keira Knightley, Kathryn Hahn, and standup comic Joe Zimmerman - H 2018
Terence Patrick/CBS

James Corden debuted a Making a Murderer and Halloween mash-up on Thursday's episode of The Late Late Show.

Set up like the Netflix documentary series, the second part of which started streaming on Friday, the segment begins with transcribed captions of a man's conversation with a 9-1-1 operator. The caller reported that there was a man with a butcher knife walking around his street. He said that the man is wearing a "Halloween mask" that "kind of looks like William Shatner's face."

Sergeant Phil Brody is then interviewed about the case, which ended with the murder of a teenager. "We had some initial problems trying to ID a subject in a costume on Halloween night," he said, as photos of the lineup show suspects including a young girl dressed as a princess and a ghost. He said that a number of witnesses came forward about the murder weapon, which provided all of the necessary evidence besides a verbal confession.

"It still haunts me how quiet he was. You don't forget that eerie stillness," continued the Sergeant. The camera then showed the suspected killer — Halloween's very own Michael Myers (Corden).

"Are we recording? Okay, great. Where's my camera?" said Myers. The suspect then spoke about the trial process leading to his arrest. "I don't know where this whole 'He doesn't talk' thing came from. I thought I had the right to remain silent, but whatever. And what I'm saying is they got the wrong guy."

An investigator asked Myers if he had anything to do with the babysitter murders, to which he replied, "No, I love babysitters. Murder them? Why would I? I think you should give them a raise. It's easy for me to say. I don't have any kids. I've been in prison for 40 years for a crime I didn't commit."

A special prosecutor later informed the viewers that Myers was spotted at the victim's school and house on the day of the murder. She then pulled out a police statement from Halloween character Laurie Strode, who claimed that Myers stabbed her.

"People love talking about the past and I think that's sad," said Myers about the ongoing speculation about the case. "Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. That's Mother Teresa. One of my faves."

The mock documentary went on to interview some of Myers' friends, including Jason Voorhees. "The one thing Mike ever killed was the dance floor. The guy can move," he said.

The segment then cut back to Myers' interview, where he was informed that there is video evidence of his crimes. The killer is seen nodding along as he watched a scene from the Halloween franchise, in which he stabs Strode.

"That does look bad, but that guy is wearing a mask," he said in response to the video. "So that could have been anyone." When the investigator noted that Myers was wearing the same mask as the man in the video, he responded, "If good taste is a crime, then lock us both up."

Onscreen captions then informed viewers that new DNA evidence was found that exonerates Myers of the 1978 babysitter murders.

The documentary makers caught up with Myers following his release from prison. A variety of clips show how he spends his daily life, including visiting coffee shops and watching Donald Trump on the news. "I guess the big news is I've met someone," he said. After a clip shows him on a romantic picnic date, his date is later seen running away from him.

"I don’t care if people think I'm innocent or not. I'm done dwelling on the past. I just want to focus on the future," he said in a voiceover as a clip showed him stabbing a cake.

The special prosecutor later stated that she doesn't trust Myers and warned the documentary crew to stay away from him.

Another onscreen caption stated that shortly after the filming of the documentary, Myers was detained for newly uncovered homicide charges.

"Yep, I'm back. Back inside," Myers said in an interview that was conducted following his return to prison. "It's a corrupt justice system, you know. It is. But the one thing, I tell ya, the one thing that gives me hope is there is a lot of good people out there who still believe in my innocence." Myers' friends, including Voorhees, were then seen protesting the arrest outside of the prison.

The mock documentary concludes with onscreen text informing viewers that Myers remains in prison and that he's single.

Watch the full clip below.