James Corden Visits Kanye Westworld, Instantly Regrets Decision

James Corden on Monday visited Kanye Westworld in a skit on The Late Late Show — it didn't go over well. 

In his play on the HBO hit Westworld, the late night host found himself in an old West tavern, but everyone inside only quoted from Kanye West's recently reactived Twitter account. 

The controversial rapper has been making headlines with erratic posts, a portion of which have praised Donald Trump and his presidency. 

The longer Corden stays in Kanye Westworld, the most disturbed he becomes as the "locals" in the tavern become increasingly more hostile. 

Finally, Westworld star Jimmi Simpson enters to try and help Corden figure out what is going on around him. 

After the bit, the screen reads: "Hopefully it's just a phase."