James Franco Dresses as Jon Snow for Mashup Web Series

James Franco Jon Snow - P 2015

Jon Snow (Kit Harington) hysteria is reaching a fever pitch — and James Franco is getting in on the action.

Franco will play the (permanently?) deceased Game of Thrones character in season two of his AOL web series Making a Scene With James Franco — and he's making the dead Lord Commander of the Night's Watch the centerpiece of the teaser image for Making a Scene.

The web series premiered last year, seeing Franco and his friends do things like mash up Reservoir Dogs with Dirty Dancing and recreating part of Taxi Driver as a silent film. Season two will focus on TV shows rather than films. 

In HBO's Game of Thrones, Jon Snow was killed in the season five finale, but many fans have speculated he either isn't really dead or he will be revived somehow. Fans have spotted Harington in Belfast, where Game of Thrones recently began production — with #HairWatch (a reference to Jon's luxuriant hair) become an obsession among Game of Thrones faithful.

A season two premiere date for Making a Scene has not yet been set. Season one bowed last September.

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