Jamie Kennedy Talks Relationships, Valentine's Day Plans and Playing 'Cupid' (Video)

Jamie Kennedy will admit that he's no expert on love, but when he got the chance to play a version of the God of Love in Hallmark Channel's original movie Cupid, he jumped at the chance. 

"How many times do you get to play Cupid?" he tells THR.

As for his research of the role, the actor joked, "I went to Zales," before admitting, "I think I've been in enough relationships that that was my research."

Not that he claims to know what he's doing.

"Being in all of my relationships, I'm even more confused than I've ever been, I don't know if you ever really understand relationships."

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The movie centers around Joely Fisher's character, TV talk show host Eve Lovett, who believes she'll never find love after a string of failed relationships. In steps Kennedy's Vernon Gart, who works for aptly-named Cupid, Inc. to remedy that situation. Along with Rick, the producer (Roark Critchlow), of Lovett's show, Gart plans a week-long love intervention for the love-lost workaholic.

But, there's just one hitch: she has to help one couple fall in love before Valentine's Day, before Gart will reveal the identity of her own one true love. 

Kennedy tells THR his favorite part of the role were the outfits.

"It was one of those movies where you have to let the costumes do the acting for you," he said. "I had so many amazing costumes, I am kind of dandy-fied, so I just kind of let them do it for me."

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Though with all his "pimped out" garb, he didn't have to weird a bow and arrow. Kennedy says the character was modernized. "Think Buddha, with a heart."

When it comes to his own Valentine, Kennedy revealed he has a few tricks up his sleeve. "I'm probably going to go to Red Lobster, it's all you can eat shrimp scampi that night." And that's not all, "I'll probably get the tub and the petals ready for that special someone," he reveals. "Couple of glasses of Cabernet."

Directed by Ron Oliver, with a script from Judd Parkin, the movie premieres Saturday, Feb. 11 on the Hallmark Channel.  

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