'Jane By Design' Star Previews 'Mean Girls'-Style Arc, Teri Hatcher's Debut

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Randy Holmes/ABC Family

The world according to high schooler-turned-fashion assistant Jane Quimby (Erica Dasher) is going to change drastically when ABC Family's Jane By Design returns Tuesday with new episodes. But she isn't the only one who will be dealing with change.

Jane's older brother Ben (David Clayton Rogers) will be experiencing shifts in his life, now that he finds himself in a steady (for the most part) relationship with high school guidance counselor Rita (Smith Cho). As Rogers tells The Hollywood Reporter, "Ben may be a little overzealous about his new Rita relationship and it might be a little too much for her to handle."

It's a unique situation the two find themselves in, as the former classmates try to navigate unknown territory together. "There's a clash of personalities, despite the fact that they like each other and they want to be together," Rogers teases. "It'll become a problem pretty quickly."

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One of those problems will come in the form of a woman who comes back into the fray, giving Rita a run for her money. Turns out this new character, Amanda, once had a crush on Ben back when they were in school.

"[Amanda] gets a teaching position at the school, so we end up in a triangle," Rogers says. "We get some good soap-y drama at the high school." So much so that the storyline lends itself to some "awesomely silly scenes straight out of Mean Girls."

In the premiere, Rita nearly finds out about Jane's secret -- that she has been working at Donovan Decker as a full-fledged employee instead of as an intern.

"Ben and Rita are plenty preoccupied with their own drama that they sort of get diverted from Jane and possibly catching her in the lie," Rogers says. "Ben doesn't have to focus on lying to Rita .. too much."

Additionally, Desperate Housewives alum Teri Hatcher will begin a multi-episode arc as Jane and Ben's estranged mother Kate.

"It seems like in our family, the youngest are the oldest and the oldest are the youngest," he says. "When Teri comes back as mom, she's like the biggest kid of the bunch. There's an interesting spectrum of grownups acting like kids in that house. We'll see a more serious side of Ben than we've seen in the ast because Jane doesn't remember mom and was young when she left, but Ben was old enough to be hurt by her leaving."

For Ben, Rogers says, protecting Jane from their mom's motives is his No. 1 goal: "If she's just coming in for another pit stop, he really doesn't want to have anything to do with that."

Rogers promises that there is more to the story to why Kate returns, saying that "when she comes back, she doesn't want to talk about it, why did she leave, why is she coming back?"

Watch the first five minutes from Tuesday's return episode below:

Jane By Design returns Tuesday at 9 p.m. on ABC Family.