Jane Fonda Calls Time's Up Movement a "Historic Turning Point"

Jane Fonda  -Our Souls At Night photocall -74th Venice Film Festival - Getty-H 2017
Elisabetta A. Villa/WireImage

Jane Fonda has seen a lot. And the actress, who recently turned 80, seems confident that there'll be no turning back from the #MeToo and Time's Up movements.

"We have arrived at a historic turning point," she said on Wednesday. "I don't think we're going to be the same after this. And what I love about the Time's Up movement is that they have all been conscious about how we have to reach out our arms to women in other sectors. It's really moving. These are fierce women, warriors. So much more advanced than I was at their age, so brave."

Fonda, who was set to be honored Wednesday night at NATPE in Miami Beach, participated in a sit-down at the conference earlier in the day. And while the half-hour volleyed between her lengthy career and current events, it was the latter that naturally dominated the conversation.

The Grace & Frankie star, who is the subject of a Sundance documentary about her life that recently sold to HBO, spoke about her own involvement in Time's Up meetings and its showing at the Golden Globes — which she dubbed "the best ever." She has spoken several times on the subject — once owning up to the fact that she'd heard stories of Harvey Weinstein's behavior a year before the story broke, and then acknowledging that the shamed producer's scandal exploded in large part because the women who spoke out were "famous and white." Fonda echoed that point on Wednesday.

"[The first accusers] were able to do something that the many brave women of color did before us," she said. "Anita Hill being among the most famous."

Fonda's own work for equality among women, she cited, has been with Restaurant Opportunities Centers, a fair wage-focused initiative for tip-based employees with momentum in New York and a measurement in Michigan. "When people talk about minimum wage, I always thought it meant everywhere," she said. "These are deeply ingrained problems, and they take a long time to address."

Briefly getting political, the actress did not mention anyone in the current administration, but she reminded the crowd that it's easy to get tied up in partisan labels.

"We don't talk candidates and we don't talk parties," said Fonda. "We talk issues. I'm sure a lot of you are Republicans, and that's great. It doesn't matter. We have to save our planet and our democracy."