'Jane the Virgin' Boss on Mystery Woman's Sin Rosetro "Connection," Jane's "Complicated" Choice

Jane The Virgin 1/19 - H 2015
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Jane The Virgin 1/19 - H 2015

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Jane the Virgin's season-two premiere, "Chapter Twenty-Three."]

Sin Nostro (Bridget Regan) scored a major victory in the season premiere of Jane the Virgin, but it was another shadowy figure that took center stage. In the final moments of the episode, after Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Mateo had been reunited and Rose had gotten her precious flash drive back, a mysterious woman seemingly thousands of miles away appeared. Pointing to Jane's 15 minutes of fame on her computer, she said it was time to find her. However, her face could not be seen.

And since this wouldn't be a Jane the Virgin episode without some romance, Jane continued her internal debate between #TeamRafael and #TeamMichael, sharing sweet moments with both suitors later in the episode.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman about this mystery woman's "connection to Sin Rosetro, Jane's tough choice and the "hardship" ahead for Rogelio.

What can you say about that mysterious woman at the end of the episode? How imminent of a threat is she?

The events of the pilot have activated her in a particular way. There's something surprising as a result of what you saw at the end of the first episode that happens in season two, so she becomes a threat pretty quickly to one of our characters. As we go on, we're going to be unpacking who this person is, what she wants and what she'll do to get it.

Is this the last we've seen of Sin Rosetro?

Oh my gosh, no.

What is the next step for her?

Sin Rosetro got what she wanted. She wanted that pin and she wanted the faces. This new mysterious woman has some sort of connection to Sin Rosetro, I can say that. And so, when the new mystery woman makes her move, Sin Rosetro gets pulled back in a bit. And also, you have to keep in mind, Sin Rosetro has feelings too. (Laughs.) She really does love Luisa, and so how can she stay away from the love of her life? That's another big part of it for Sin Rosetro.

Jane goes out of her to tell Michael that Rafael is only staying over as Mateo's dad. Why does she do that? What is pulling her toward Michael?

The episode on the whole is obviously about motherhood and that fear and that nurturing and all that kind of stuff. It's not about who she's going to choose. Because there are such bigger moments, but once everything settles at the end of the day, I wanted a moment with both Michael and Rafael. It's almost like, "Ah," we can breathe again. I think she tells Michael that because she wants him to know she hasn’t made a choice yet, and that knowledge is important to Michael and will motivate the next episode.

What will her love life and her struggle with those feelings look like going forward now that she is a mom and has other priorities in her life?

Exactly. Are she and Mateo a package deal? Is it automatically the father because he's Mateo the father? Or does Michael have a shot? And what's the relationship between the two of them? She's not a single woman anymore who's just following her heart and she's definitely going to be struggling with that and both guys are good choices for her. They're just different choices. She knows that, too. In the second episode we pick up a lot of that, I think, in a surprising way.

How would you say they're different choices in her mind?

Last year, I think we framed things a little bit like: Michael-reality and Rafael-fantasy. That was just the overall working paradigm in the writers room. And then as she got to know Rafael, he became less of a fantasy and more of a real person with flaws and cracks and pain. And Michael, through memory, flashbacks and his steadfast devotion to her, became a little bit more of a fantasy and he became not just a reality. Michael knows Jane really, really well and he has proven himself so loyal and so in love. For Michael, Jane is the person. She's it. With Rafael, she had this almost cosmic pull toward him. It felt like all these crazy events transpired and now they're having a baby together and it just had that meant-to-be thing that Jane, as a romance writer, clung to. As she matured a little bit, her idea of romance and meant-to- be is more complicated and maybe there's not just one person for you. Rafael encourages her to be bolder than she might naturally be and to go for things and to take bigger swings in terms of who she is and what she's exposed to do and that's really compelling. Michael knows her so well, it's her safe place, and he feels like home and that's also compelling.

The premiere featured a lot of flashbacks to Rafael's and Petra's happier days. Why did you want to include those?

I thought those were really important because she makes such a big, bold move in the premiere. (Laughs.) I want my characters to take those big, soapy moves but I want us to always understand why. To me, going back to that innocent moment between Petra and Rafael allowed us to see they had life at their fingertips, they had an entire plan and this crazy accident spun everybody's life out of its orbit. For me, those moments going back to the flashback and seeing Petra a little bit vulnerable and deeply in love with Rafael is important in terms of understanding why she's taking the steps she's taking now.

What's next for Rogelio and Xiomara?

They got married. They're going to have to make a decision about whether to stay married or annul, and that we play out a little bit in the second episode. They come to a decision. Their relationship is going to be something that we continue to explore and investigate — and I root for that couple, definitely. But at the same time, Xo is really inspired She wants to make her dreams come true, and she's going to have her 40th birthday, which certainly brings up a bunch of things — things she wants. Rogelio comes to a crossroads in his career because The Passion of Santos is coming to an end so he has to find the follow-up to his career-turning role on Santos. He ends up finding a passion project, which is perhaps very surprising. He ends up pursuing it and that comes with its own ups and downs. We're going to see him mature in a few ways. Not too much. (Laughs.) He's definitely going to face some hardships this year and has to push through them. If Rogelio has a setback, how does he react to that? That will be interesting to see in terms of Xo's and Rogelio's relationship.

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9 pm. on The CW. Who do you think Jane should choose?