Jason Katims Really Wants to Revisit 'Parenthood'

Parenthood Still - H 2015
Courtesy of NBC

Parenthood Still - H 2015

Jason Katims wants to return to life with the Bravermans.

The showrunner of NBC's family drama Parenthood wants to revisit the series and has been newly inspired after viewing Richard Linklater's feature Boyhood.

"There's no discussion about it right now at all, but I'm interested in doing that," Katims told The Hollywood Reporter following his time at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour, where he was there to support his Hulu drama The Path. "I'd be interested in doing that after a little time passes because I was really inspired — and am still inspired — by Boyhood and to see what happened over time with that."

Boyhood, which was nominated for a best picture Academy Award and saw supporting actress Patricia Arquette take home the statuette, followed one family's journey over an epic 12-year period.

"That would be a really interesting thing, to revisit Parenthood when Drew [Miles Heizer] has now graduated from college and Haddie [Sarah Ramos] has graduated from college and somebody, who knows, may be nearing retirement age," said Katims. "Stuff that gives us fodder for new stuff and things we haven't explored before. Seeing [Jabbar and the kids] growing up would be really interesting."

The critical darling ended its run last January with a series finale that was wildly embraced by critics for tying up a number of its storylines. Since the low-rated ensemble drama wrapped its run — the large cast took pay cuts to return for its abbreviated 13-episode fifth and final season — there has been an overall lack of pure family dramas on the small screen.

"People aren't really generally looking for that in dramas, which is why you have shows that have family elements to it like a lot of these shows — like The Path, The Americans — there are a lot of shows that have family in it that are family shows in a way but are more not as purely just family shows as something like Parenthood," said Katims.

While a revival with a time jump would allow Katims to feature a new series of family stories, the exec producer knows doing so would be a challenge.

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"A million things have to fall into place for that to work, in terms of people's schedules and getting somebody who is interested in putting that on and then figuring out what that would be," he said of his cast's busy schedule. (Star Peter Krause is the male lead in ABC's upcoming The Catch, and Lauren Graham is set for Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival, among others.) "Would that be like one two-hour show or a series of episodes? I don't know. There's no active conversations about it now, but it's something I'd be open to just because I think this show lends itself to doing that."

Katims remarks expanded on his comments from last April, when he told fans during an Emmy panel that he was open to a limited series revival.

As for the rumored follow-up to Katims' Friday Night Lights, don't expect that to happen anytime soon. "Friday Night Lights, in terms of anything that's from the television show, is not going to happen," he said.