Jason Momoa Makes Surprise Cameo on 'Saturday Night Live'

Aquaman actor Jason Momoa made a surprise appearance during Saturday Night Live's Oct. 26 episode.

Donning an animal print fur coat and his trademark long locks, Momoa entered during a skit in which Chance the Rapper, as Judge Barry, handed out guilty verdicts in court based upon appearances.

From Chris Redd's wild hair to Alex Moffat's creepy puppet, Chance's Judge Barry wasn't having it with any of these unacceptable court appearances.

Momoa escalated things when he appeared in a fur coat, defending himself against Kate McKinnon's elderly Gladys Feldman, who was suing the "former live-in nurse" for stealing money from her. Momoa claimed that McKinnon's Gladys "stole from me first … my heart."

When asked to return Gladys' chandelier earrings he had stolen, Momoa opened his fur coat to reveal they were pierced to his nipples, claiming the jewelry was "a gift."

Chance's Judge Barry, unimpressed and trying to hold back laughter, ruled Momoa's character guilty.