Jason Momoa Plays Santa, 'Christmas Carol' Ghost on Holidays-Themed 'SNL'

Jason Momoa hosted the Dec. 8 episode of NBC's Saturday Night Live. During his monologue, he gave a shout-out to his wife, actress Lisa Bonet, and also talked about his upcoming DC superhero movie Aquaman.

Castmembers Leslie Jones and Kenan Thompson also sang “Aqua Boogie” by Parliament alongside Momoa during the monologue, pitching it as a potential theme song for the water-loving superhero.

SNL got a lot of mileage out of Momoa’s physique and the episode's proximity to the holidays. In a commercial parody, the actor promoted a line of GE home appliance products aimed at men called Big Boy Appliances that included a dishwasher with a 70-pound steel door, a 6-foot-tall washing machine and a ride-on vacuum cleaner. And in a Christmas-themed sketch, Momoa appeared as an extra ghost in A Christmas Carol, who did a strip-tease for Scrooge.

In another sketch, the actor played an Elf on a Shelf reporting to Santa. Momoa also had a chance to play his Game of Thrones character Khal Drogo in a spoiler-filled sketch that included several impressions of dead GOT characters.

Another holiday-themed sketch had Momoa play the father of a woman trying to introduce her parents to her new boyfriend, who hid from them and staged an elaborate hide-and-seek game. Momoa flipped a bed and punched a wall on his quest to find the hiding beau, played by SNL's Beck Bennett.

Momoa also played Santa in a sketch in which castmember Pete Davidson played a Rudolph bullying the other reindeer as payback for getting picked on.