Jason Schwartzman Calls 'SNL's' Wes Anderson Parody a Career 'Definer'

The actor, who has starred in a slew of Anderson's films, admits to THR that he'd "much prefer someone pretend to be me than me be in a pretend thing."
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Jason Schwartzman

Add Jason Schwartzman to the list of fans of Saturday Night Live's Wes Anderson horror movie parody.

The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders horror spoof, which debuted this past weekend, took on the genre by utilizing Anderson's distinct style, even referencing past films like The Royal Tenenbaums and Fantastic Mr. Fox, among other titles. Edward Norton played Owen Wilson, with Alec Baldwin making a cameo as the narrator and SNL castmembers portraying a slew of Anderson regulars, including Schwartzman.

"I thought they did a really good job," Schwartzman tells The Hollywood Reporter following rehearsals for this weekend's YouTube Music Awards in New York City. "It looked great and it was interesting."

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The actor has starred in nearly all of Anderson's films, dating back to 1998's Rushmore, Schwartzman's first credit.

To hear him tell it, the SNL parody has become a career moment. "It was a definer," he says. "I would much prefer someone pretend to be me than me be in a pretend thing."

Schwartzman also had high praise for how SNL chose to depict his name card in the fake trailer, faux blood and all. "I loved it! It made me so happy," he says. "I can't express to you how much it meant to me."

Whether or not Anderson will ever tackle the genre, Schwartzman was unsure. "Not for me to say! Who knows," he says with a laugh.

Schwartzman has Saving Mr. Banks, in theaters Dec. 20, and Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel, in theaters March 7, 2014, on tap.