Jason Sudeikis Shares 'Friends' Punch Card After Meeting Lisa Kudrow

Sudeikis and Will Forte also shared secrets about each other during their appearance on CBS' 'The Late Late Show' on Monday.
From left: James Corden, Lisa Kudrow, Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte

Old and new friends came together when Lisa Kudrow, Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte stopped by CBS' The Late Late Show on Monday.

Host James Corden said he was surprised to learn that Kudrow and Sudeikis had never met before their appearance on the late-night talk show.

After they both admitted that they were also surprised it took so long for the two of them to meet, Sudeikis pulled out his "Friends punch card." The punch card kept track of which of Kudrow's former co-stars from the NBC sitcom he had met.

"I've worked with Jen. I've met Courteney, and Matt I met at a party," he said of Aniston, Cox and Perry. "David Schwimmer, when I was working at Banana Republic in Chicago, he came in."

Sudeikis asked Kudrow if she had a hole-puncher to mark her name off the list, which she then handed over. "I'll punch myself," she said as she made a hole on the small punch card. After Kudrow marked herself off of the list, Corden showed the audience that the only person he has left to meet is Matt LeBlanc.

"You get the Central Perk mug," Sudeikis joked about when he finally meets all six members of the group. "Watch out, Matt LeBlanc. I'm coming for you. But not in a scary way. It just seems like it because I really want that mug."

Kudrow also spoke about the gift Perry gave her when they wrapped the series in 2004, which was a cookie jar decorated with a clock face. The prop was part of Monica (Cox) and Rachel's (Aniston) apartment on the show.

"I was in a scene years before we ended, and I had a line that was, 'Oh, I got to go.' And I didn't have a watch on and I all of a sudden realized, 'What's motivating me to urgently leave?'" she said. "So in the moment, I just sort of urgently scanned the apartment and saw, 'Oh, time. Clock face. Oh, I got to go.' And I left."

"When I came back in, Matthew went, 'Did you just say you had to go because you looked at a cookie jar?'" she recalled. "And we laughed and laughed."

Later in the appearance, old friends Sudeikis and Forte shared secrets about each other.

"You probably know that he's got a beautiful singing voice," said Forte about Sudeikis. "He has no sense of smell."

After Sudeikis verified that he has no sense of smell, Forte added, "It makes it really tough because most of my revenge-type tactics are fart-based and it doesn't work on him."

"I love it. I just get the funny part. I just get the sound," Sudeikis added. "Everyone's clearing out the room. Breaking glass in an elevator to try to pull the thing. I'm like, 'Nothing.'"

He added that not having the sense of smell is a "blessing."

Sudeikis then shared a fact about Forte. "I'm almost hesitant to bring this up. Will gives the hardest high-fives in the history of man," he said. The actor then demonstrated normal high-fives with Corden and Kudrow before he asked Forte to show the audience how he high-fives.

Forte stood up and asked Sudeikis to also stand for the high-five. "I hate talk shows. I hate them. It makes no sense to me," Sudeikis joked as he stood up.

Sudeikis then lifted his hand for the high-five. Forte forcefully threw his hand at Sudeikis, which led to a loud and painful high-five. "I only deliver it in that way for people I think can take it," Forte said about his powerful high-five. "I've gotten some complaints in the past."