Jason Sudeikis on 'Final' Season of 'SNL,' Olivia Wilde

The actor discusses his future on the NBC late-night show and jokes about his upcoming wedding.
Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis is opening up about Saturday Night Live and his fiancée Olivia Wilde, but he's more forthcoming about his future wife than his career plans.

It's been widely speculated that last season was Sudeikis' last on SNL, following rumors that have been swirling since at least the previous summer that he's ready to leave the late-night sketch show. But while he hasn't said definitively whether or not he'll be back next season, in a new interview with Modern Luxury magazine, it sounds as though he's done with the show.

"You never really leave that place, and it never leaves you," he says. "It's an emotional journey getting through a season, much less the final one."

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Referring to the speculation about his departure last summer, Sudeikis says, "Last year felt like just the right amount of thought went into [the decision to stay on for another season], and there were things that I was hoping to accomplish. I don't know if I have the same checklist of things I need to cross off now."

He's already gotten the courtroom sketch "Maine Justice" on the air, something he wanted to see, and he's mentored the incoming writers, another task on his "checklist."

As for Wilde, Sudeikis calls her "the sweetest woman I've ever known."

When congratulated on the engagement, Sudeikis deadpans, "Thank you. I said yes." He says the couple's shooting for a date sometime in the next year. As for the guests, "I don’t know if Obama even reads his e-vites -- they probably go through nine filters," he jokes. "Any e-vite is probably going to go to spam."