Jason Sudeikis' Joe Biden Gets "Sensitivity Training" in 'SNL' Cold Open

Jason Sudeikis Joe Biden SNL - Screenshot - H 2019

Jason Sudeikis on Saturday returned to NBC's Saturday Night Live to reprise his impression of Joe Biden in a cold open that touched on the recent accounts of the potential 2020 presidential candidate’s alleged misconduct. Advisors played by castmembers Kenan Thompson, Cecily Strong and Kate McKinnon provided "sensitivity training" for the former vice president.

“Joe’s a good guy, and he means well. He’s just a little behind the times,” Strong said before Sudeikis’ Biden burst into the room.

“It’s about all the touchy-feely stuff,” Thompson said when Sudeikis wondered why they were all gathered. “I’m a hugger; I’m a kisser; and I’m a little bit of a sniffer,” Sudeikis’ Biden admitted.

He also kept requesting that “Legs” by ZZ Top be played throughout the cold open, and when McKinnon entered, he did a prolonged forehead touch with her. “No tickling at all,” McKinnon instructed Sudeikis’ Biden.

“No tickling; even on her birthday,” he repeated for clarification. He also asked if he could do the iconic Dirty Dancing lift with a woman he has just met.

Aidy Bryant played a Democratic voter meeting Biden for the first time, and Sudeikis wondered how to greet her, deciding to “greet her like a man” by taking her under his arm and rubbing her head.