Jason Sudeikis Ruminates on Playing Romney and Biden for 'SNL' on 'The Daily Show' (Video)

SNL Jason Sudeikis Mitt Romney

For a guy who spoofed him for a full year on television, Jason Sudeikis has surprising compassion for Mitt Romney.

Sudeikis played the GOP presidential nominee on the weekly sketch show throughout the party's primaries and general election, trying out new approaches to what was a difficult man to lampoon. He got high marks for his final impersonation, a sketch featuring Romney drowning his sorrows in milk, and on The Daily Show Tuesday night, he emphasized how sad it was to see the felled candidate have to lean on his family after his loss.

VIDEO: Mitt Romney Mopes During Post-Election 'SNL' Cold Opening

"I think there's more humanity in that guy than we give him credit for," he said.

Sudeikis also spoke about playing Vice President Joe Biden, who is just a little more lampoonable.

Remarkably, he hasn't met either politician -- yet, anyway.

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