Jay Duplass Making Acting Debut on 'The Mindy Project,' Brother Mark Reacts

The indie film directing duo will guest star in six or seven episodes of the Fox sitcom; "I don't love that he is more handsome and a better actor than me," Mark says.
Jordin Althaus/FOX

Already partners behind the camera, Mark and Jay Duplass are teaming up in front of it now, too.

The indie film vets, who have put out the well-received Jeff, Who Lives at Home and Cyrus in recent years, will guest star in a six or seven episode arc on The Mindy Project, playing midwives at their New Age, Eastern medicine-focused clinic, Downtown Womens Holistic Birth Center. They rent the space on the floor above Mindy's rowdy gang of OBGYNs, and soon begin stealing their clients.

What ensues is a battle of birthers.

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For Mark, the younger of the two brothers, it's another major credit in a blooming acting career; he stars on FX's The League and featured in this year's Your Sister's Sister (which won Best Ensemble at the Gotham Awards), Safety Not Guaranteed and Zero Dark Thirty. He also starred in several of the films that he has directed with Jay, who is making his acting debut.

"I've never met a a competitive, new agey male midwife before, so naturally I was excited to play this odd character," he told THR. "But, when Mindy told me I would have a brother and that she wanted my actual brother to play the part, I really flipped for the idea. This is the first time Jay and I have been on screen together (and it's actually Jay's first time on screen). I don't love that he is more handsome and a better actor than me, but I will beat his ass in ping pong later to make up for that."