Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon Play Up Rivalry in NBC Promo (Video)

Jimmy Fallon Phone Call - H 2013

Jimmy Fallon Phone Call - H 2013

Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon -- the two men at the heart of the battle over the fate of NBC's Tonight Show -- have banded together in an NBC promotional video making light of the perceived late-night power-shift.

In the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon spot, Leno is seen being accosted by reporters as he makes his way down a backstage hallway toward his office.

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On the other end of the country, Fallon, looking worn down by the controversy, is told by a crew member that he's needed on set.

As Fallon sighs over a recent newspaper headline no doubt touting his rumored ascendancy, his iPhone rings -- bringing up the name "Host of Tonight Show" on his caller I.D.

Fallon then answers, "Hey, Jay."

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What happens next? It looks as though audiences will have to tune in to both NBC late-night talkers and see. Unlike Leno's recent swipes at his employer , this bit appears to have gotten the stamp of approval from the network.