Jay Leno Makes April Fools' Jokes at NBC's Expense

Jay Leno March 22 - H 2013

Jay Leno once again referenced NBC's late-night woes in his Monday night monologue.

The host of NBC's The Tonight Show each took a jab at the peacock in the guise of April Fools' jokes.

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Quipped Leno at the start of his monologue: "Before we get started, let me say that NBC and I have reached a peaceful, amicable agreement that will be beneficial to both sides. April Fools! It will never happen."

Leno has taken jabs at NBC nearly every night since news broke that network executives were planning to remove him from The Tonight Show perch in 2014 and replace him with Late Night host Jimmy Fallon.

In an NBC promo released Monday, Leno and Fallon joined forces to make light of the late-night drama. (Watch the spot below.)

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Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel also played his own April Fools joke on his audience, beginning his Monday night monologue by joking: "I'm here to tell you tonight's show's been canceled. Oh, April Fools!"