Jay Leno Mocks Jimmy Fallon During 'Tonight Show' Return

Jay Leno Jimmy Fallon - H 2014

Sure, it's called The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon now, but it was Jay Leno's show Friday night.

Leno made his return to Tonight for the first time as a guest since Jimmy Fallon took over — and he had plenty of fun challenging Fallon's masculinity and reminding fellow guest Lucy Liu that he was her "first" (late night host, that is).

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Leno recounted a story in which Fallon asked him for car advice, telling the car buff he wanted to buy an "old-timey" car. (Warning sign No. 1.) His tip to the younger comedian? Don't get a classic car, because you don't know how to work on them.

"Look at these hands ladies and gentlemen. That's like a puppy's paw," Leno said, holding up Fallon's hand to the camera. "This is the hand of a five-year-old and it's actually pink!"

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When Lucy Liu came on, Leno hijacked the interview at times, telling Liu she could always talk to him if Fallon's interviewing skills were lacking. 

"This is your first time with Jimmy, but I was your first," he told Liu. 

Leno started his appearance with a stand-up set, doing a bit about how silly the concept of the Apple wristphone is.

"Bob, I didn't mean to call you. I'm in the men's room. I must have penis dialed you by mistake," said Leno. 

Leno bid The Tonight Show farewell in February to make way for Fallon. He'll soon be back on late night TV when he serves as Craig Ferguson's finale Late Late Show guest Dec. 19. He's also got a CNBC show in the works for next year.

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