Jay Leno Takes Over Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show' Monologue With Political Jokes

Jay Leno Jimmy Fallon H 2016
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Jay Leno Jimmy Fallon H 2016

While hosting The Tonight Show in Los Angeles on Wednesday night, Jimmy Fallon "pulled something" while delivering a Hillary Clinton joke.

Thankfully, guest Jay Leno took over the episode's kickoff with his own political punchlines on global warming, Vladimir Putin and Bill Cosby.

"Hillary [Clinton] says she's been tested," Leno joked. "Well, I hope so. You never know what Bill might bring home."

Leno also joked that Clinton's staffers tasked to "dig up dirt on Bernie Sanders" are called "archaeologists" and that Ted Cruz's campaign "said they hired the porn star (for a now-pulled television ad) because they thought she could make Ted Cruz easier to swallow."

Bravely, the former late-night host declared, "See, I don't care. They can't fire me."

Leno and Fallon then joined for a rapid-fire round.

"It is so hot, immigrants are coming across the border on Slip 'N Slides," Leno said. "It is so hot, Donald Trump hit on Megyn Kelly just to get the cold shoulder."

Fallon added, "It is so hot, Donald Trump is building a wall just for the shade."

Watch the video below.