Jeb Bush Discusses His Presidential Family, Communicating With His Wife and Making Great Guacamole on 'Tonight Show'

Jeb Bush Jimmy Fallon - H
Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

After Jeb Bush stopped by to “slow jam the news” on The Tonight Show on Tuesday, the Republican presidential candidate sat down with host Jimmy Fallon to further introduce himself on a national scale.

“This is the most extraordinary time to be alive, all the things that exist in this world are on our doorstep. ... We just have to fix a few things first,” he told Fallon.

To younger audiences, Bush noted, “I think we need high-sustained economic growths so they can get jobs,” and to older viewers, “I would just say it louder.”

When asked about trying to differentiate himself from his father and brother, both former presidents, Bush said, “My dad is the most perfect man I’ve ever met, he’s the greatest man alive. … And my brother, I would say, is a significantly better artist than I am. … I’m a whole lot younger and a lot better looking!”

Amidst small talk about his exclamatory campaign logo, his Paleo diet and how to make a great guacamole (no peas, ever), the former Florida governor also expanded on his marriage to wife Columba. “It was a lightning moment,” he said of first meeting her at age 17 while building a schoolhouse in Leon, Mexico. He said that though they weren’t able to communicate perfectly due to a language barrier, “when you’re in love, you can overcome those barriers pretty quick. There’s another language that matters most.”

He told Fallon that he usually speaks Spanish at home, “and all the time when she’s mad at me. I listen in Spanish when that’s happening.”

Bush’s Tonight Show appearance (and first-ever late-night guest spot) is the latest youth-skewing step in the politician’s presidential campaign, following his partnership with Snapchat. Previously, the Tonight Show “Slow Jam the News” bit has been championed by president Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Chris Christie and Brian Williams.

Fallon said of Bush’s appearance in his opening monologue, “We were also gonna have Donald Trump as well, but last we checked, he’s still giving his speech. ... Trump would be our first Mad Libs president. I think Gary Busey wrote that speech!”

And of Hillary Clinton’s campaign playlist on Spotify, which includes Katy Perry, Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson, Fallon added that if she doesn’t win, “she could always become a bar mitzvah DJ.”

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