Jenna Fischer on 'The Office': We All Want to Come Back if NBC Renews

In a chat with THR, the long-time star of the Thursday night comedy cuts down speculation about the intentions of her co-stars.
Chris Haston/NBC

Jenna Fischer is in New York with her husband, writer/director Lee Kirk, to promote the premiere of their indie comedy The Giant Mechanical Man, but it was impossible to avoid talking about her family in Scranton -- and whether they'll be staying at the city's Dunder Mifflin branch much longer.

With rumors swirling over the status of the show's stars going forward -- Mindy Kaling and Rainn Wilson have new TV pilots, and many of the rest are unsigned -- Fischer looked to quell any talk of a possible exodus. Or, at least not one led by the cast members. 

"I don't know; it's not up to me, because I'm just the actor, but the actors are all prepared and wanting to come back," Fischer told The Hollywood Reporter. "The whole cast, I'm talking about everybody -- Ed [Helms], John [Krasinski], me, everyone is wanting to come back. So it's really just a matter of NBC pulling the trigger. They have to announce it by May 15 when the upfronts happen, right? So we're all just waiting. We're really excited to come back, everybody wants to come back. I know Rainn does have his show, but he's going to come back to The Office as well, so yeah, we're just waiting."

Even Kaling, who is heading up her pilot over at Fox, could return, Fischer said.

"I don't know how all that works out. That doesn't mean she's gone forever," she said. "Listen, Mindy writes on our show, so we actually only get her for a couple of shooting days every week anyway, so I don't know if that's something can be worked out. Like I said, I don't make all those schedules or anything, but yeah, I mean a lot of things are mis-reported and exaggerated and it's hard to read."