The Furry Embarrassment That Drove Jennifer Lawrence Away From Church (Video)

Jennifer Lawrence on Conan - H 2013

Jennifer Lawrence on Conan - H 2013

One of the few problems with becoming an Oscar-nominated superstar at just 22 years of age is that you don't have a long back catalog of work to discuss as you make the obligatory late night TV appearances to bolster your awards profile. It's especially troubling if your earliest roles include dressing up like a princess for MTV and donning a furry lion costume for a cable sitcom.

VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence Gets Embarrassed by Crying, Doting Parents in SAG Awards Interview

All the evidence of Jennifer Lawrence's rapid ascent to stardom is easily available in TV archives and on YouTube, something she is learning the hard way as she campaigns for best actress for her role in Silver Linings Playbook. At the SAG Awards, she referenced a commercial she did for My Super Sweet Sixteen, which was then instantaneously dug up and passed around by bloggers.

Tuesday night on Conan, Lawrence discussed another one of her earliest roles, which came on the cable sitcom Monk. It was a small role, but that wasn't even the most embarrassing part. Of course, she has no problem with embarrassment -- just see some of the things she said on TV last week.

Let Lawrence explain -- and cringe -- herself: