Jennifer Lawrence Drinks Rum With Stephen Colbert, Calls Harvey Weinstein a "Horrible Ass Boil"

Jennifer Lawrence has never been one to shy away from speaking her mind, and she certainly didn't hold back in her appearance on Monday's episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

After the Red Sparrow actress and Colbert took shots of rum and removed their shoes, the CBS host asked Lawrence about being "ill-used in the defense of Harvey Weinstein."

Weinstein's lawyers had previously cited both Lawrence and Meryl Streep in an attempt to dismiss a sexual misconduct lawsuit against him, only to later apologize after both actresses issued statements condemning the move.

"He is just that horrible ass boil that does not go away," Lawrence told Colbert. "You pop the ass boil — he's just the worst. When is it going to end?"

Lawrence explained that she was forced to come up with her response "in the middle of the night."

When Colbert said Weinstein dragged Lawrence into his "pile of shit," she laughed and said, "Yeah, everybody does."

The no-holds-barred interview continued with Lawrence calling Amy Schumer's wedding the best night of her life. "I was flirting with Larry David all night, but it was very one-sided," Lawrence said, adding that she's "obsessed" with him. At one point, Schumer pulled Lawrence away to talk, only for Lawrence to say, "Amy, every minute I'm here, Larry could be leaving." 

Unfortunately, Lawrence said David wouldn't flirt back and she doesn't have his phone number. She admitted to liking a challenge, though.

Monday also marked the U.S. premiere of Red Sparrow, but Lawrence said she doesn't want everyone to see the film.

"If you're, like, a typical hater, and you have a blog, don't go," Lawrence said. "You're officially, totally uninvited."

She blamed the "haters" talk on the rum and continued talking about Red Sparrow — particularly what went into her taking on the role of a spy.

Lawrence implied that she had help from an actual spy, explaining that she asked how spies tell their children about their career, only to slip up by saying "...what he told me — or, what somebody told me," followed by laughter, which continued throughout the interview.